Collection of novels by Ivan Korsak

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Collection of novels by Ivan Korsak “Crown of George II. Conqueror of Europe”.


The contours of the product, which resembled the church crowns held over the heads of the newlyweds at the wedding, appeared under the rotten rags and dust.
Ivan Stepanovych began to carefully wipe this mysterious object with a handkerchief in a circle: suddenly a yellowish metal, not strewn with rust and relentless years, flashed from under the ash dust, and an inscription in Latin appeared. He raised it closer to the light and clearly saw the two words “Rex Russianus.”
“Rex Russianus”, “King of Russia” – this inscription was on the crown of the last Ukrainian King Yuri I, the grandson of the mother of King Yuri I, who in turn was the grandson of the first Ukrainian King Danylo Halytsky.
Ivan Korsak

And the temple bells rang, the wedding joyful ringing-echo of the copper hole floated over the heads of thousands of people, was filmed with a song blessed in the blue infinity of heaven.
For her, that bell was actually a funeral. – The servant of God Rostislav is getting married, the servant of God Anna is getting married …
No, she did not care at all about the apparent marital apparent inequality, saying that Anna, the daughter of the famous Ugric king Bela IV, one of the most respected European monarchs, married Rostislav, the son of Prince Mykhailo Chernihivsky. Little was touched by her tradition, when even after Christmas in 1243 young people were paired like a face, not by feelings, but by reason, impeccable for the most part, incomprehensible and completely contradictory – there is nothing to do here, because tradition is stronger than these temple walls.
Ivan Korsak


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