Collection of novels by Ivan Korsak

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Collection of novels by Ivan Korsak “Ataman Chaika. Nemir’s key”.


Otaman Chaika

Tchaikovsky would not be himself if even from here he gave peace to Paris and Istanbul for his main cause – the cause of Poland and Ukraine.
Ivan Korsak

Nemyrych did not need to go to a fortune teller to ascertain the character of his northern neighbor: as soon as he returned from studying in Europe, he drove the Ukrainian banner near Smolensk at his own expense to help Vladislav VI. Then Vladislav’s army not only managed to lift the siege of Smolensk, but also to surround the Muscovite army and force it to surrender. The Polyanovsky peace later signed confirmed the pre-war borders, and the tsar had to pay another twenty thousand rubles to the victor.
Ivan Korsak


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