“From the root of the strong. Guides to the heroes of historical novels by Ivan Korsak”

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The publication, which contains articles by colleagues in the pen, admirers of the talent of the outstanding novelist Ivan Korsak.


This edition is about the heroes of the books of the famous novelist Ivan Korsak (1946-2017). About heroes of the highest standard.
They return to our time from different epochs: they fight near Konotop, like Yuri Nemyrych with Ivan Vyhovsky; overcome the seas and endless steppes, despising all dangers, like Hryhoriy-Hryhir Orlyk, for the sake of the future of their Motherland; they spiritually inspire Ukrainian soldiers, like a priest, General-Cornet Pavlo Pashchevsky, walking with them thousands of kilometers on foot; hold Ukrainian business on fragile women’s shoulders, like Anna Barvinok; reach the depths of science and create beauty like brothers Tymoshenko; the first to give drawings of the Panama Canal, as Mykhailo Skybytsky, or the route for a flight to the moon, as Alexander Shargei; make a significant contribution to high technology and become co-authors of the atomic bomb, like George Kistyakovsky; making superhuman efforts in an incredibly dramatic situation, they defend their people by their own destiny, like Taras Bulba-Borovets or Pavlo Shandruk. Our extraordinary contemporaries reflect on how Ivan Korsak managed to embody this in his works.


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