How to become a “Name”

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On the market today, on the one hand, there is a lot of literature about personal growth, created for the expert environment, which is difficult to understand for unprepared audiences. On the other hand, a huge number of “popular” low-quality books have been written that do not stand up to any criticism.

We tried to create a book that is both easy to understand and based on time-tested theories and experiences. The monograph is unique in content, because we tried to give in thesis form an algorithm for the development of everyone who wants to reach something big in life, a certain “top” and become a “NAME” in the history of Ukraine and the world. The monograph is unique in form, because it includes works of art by 150 authors, as well as their thoughts on the topics they visualized.

We are convinced that the synergy of text and visual images in the processing of the book will ensure the development of industry, psychological and aesthetic intelligence, as well as additional psycho-emotional arousal, which will stimulate the suggestion of fresh thoughts and the emergence of insights. The monograph is unique also because the “NAMES” of Ukrainian history are told by people, many of whom are already “NAMES” today, and many of them will definitely become them.

This book is for those who want to make something important in this life, for those who help others on this path, for those who love the history of Ukraine and care about the identity of Ukrainians.

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A treatise about how to buy a ticket to eternity.

Unique collective monograph created within the project “Your Names, Ukraine” edited by Viktor Korsak.


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