Bevza/ Play/ Painting

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Catalog with paintings by Petro Bevza, united under the name “Game”.

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Light reflected from a material form leaves an instantaneous trace in environ- ment, by structuring the space. The more intense is the light, the clearer are lines of force that seem to be the skeleton of the already dematerialized form. This effect underlies new series of works “The Presence” by Ukrainian artist Petro Bevza, which reveals a new aspect of evolution of his creative works.

The artist focuses on objects of antropogenous landscape, i.e. man-made forms that appear as traces of metaphysical light. Therefore, the artist “crys- tallizes” an image with all its textures, plasticity, and plots from the stream of visual effects.

These acts of creative will do not only structure the space, by giving it a value grid, but also form crossroads and borders of worlds, where phenom- ena of cultures and civilizations grow.


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