Anatomy of retail

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This book is about the “queen of the economy” – retail. The collective monograph presents the experience of the management of “Nash Krai” and SPAR Ukraine for twenty years of its not simple, but effective development. The authors shared the applied aspects of retail, theoretically substantiating them, and provided useful tips that will effectively develop the retail business from scratch and increase the efficiency of the existing one.

The monograph is unique not only in content, but also in form: the book includes dozens of works by the best Ukrainian artists from the collection of the Korsak’s Museum of Modern Ukrainian Art. This, on the one hand, will ensure the development will increase the level of assimilation of the material, and on the other – the aesthetic intelligence of the reader and promote interest in art.

We live in an era of information “flood” and at the same time a total shortage of time, so the parallelism of cognition – professional and aesthetic – is one way to solve these problems. The book is created for everyone who is engaged in retail or plans to choose this direction of development. Here will find useful information: theorists and practitioners of trade; manufacturers and distributors; trade teachers and their students; anyone who is interested in the problems of this sector of the economy.

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Collective monograph “Anatomy of retail: an ontology of management” edited by V. Korsak.



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