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Catalog of the exhibition project “XXXIV + I. Ukrainian modern art at the turn of the millennium”, which became the first attempt of the very young Gallery of Modern Ukrainian Art of Ukraine “Art Department” (Lutsk) to join the topical issue – scientific study and promotion of artists of our time.

 The exposition illustrated in the catalog is made of works of painting, sculpture, graphics, collages of artists from different regions of Ukraine.  Innovative artists, whose work was formed during the overcoming of socialist realist stereotypes (1960 – 197O), nonconformists, underground artists, opponents of the routine of official art of the past (1980-1990), representatives of postmodern art …

There are twenty-four artists, whose work is marked by a sequence of searches, depth of ideas, originality of individual expressive language, as well as a significant level of controversial views and polemical judgments. The spiritual and professional development of these artists is associated with the XX century. Only Henyk from Lviv belongs to the new era.  She is the ray that illuminates the not yet clear outlines of future progress.

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Catalog of the exhibition project “24 + 1”.


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